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Putting in the Laps

Posted 17 June, 2021

Putting in the Laps

As featured in AudioTechnology  •  August 2020

How Cassian, a relatively unknown producer from Sydney, elevated Rüfüs du Sol’s mixes to another level and found his own sound along the way.

The first time I looked up who mixed Rüfüs du Sol’s latest album Solace, I was surprised. I’d always figured it’d be a ‘name’ guy like Tom Elmhirst, not a relatively unknown Sydney producer named Cassian with a handful of credits to his name. If it was mixed by someone in Sydney, you would put your money on it being Eric J, given much of that sound has made its way through his wheelhouse.

Tracking it back, Cassian’s name has been ‘in-the-mix’ on every Rüfüs du Sol album. For the past eight years, ever since he opened for them at Bondi’s Beach Road Hotel to a couple of hundred people, Cassian has had a box seat at the rise of one of Australia’s most successful electronic acts, Rüfüs du Sol. He’s since opened for them hundreds of times, he’s mixed the majority of their discography, they signed him to their label Rose Avenue, and they’ve become his best friends and LA neighbours. Outside of the band, and FOH engineer Cam Trewin, there’s no one as deeply involved in the sound of Rüfüs du Sol as Cassian.

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